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Vishwa Bharti Sansthan is committed to excellence and this philosophy pervades every aspect of the Institutions. The Institutions maintains consistently high academic standards. The students are given an in depth exposure to all management disciplines, and close liaison with business & industry is incorporated into the curriculum. The Institutions provides the right ambience for the students to develop their personal and professional skills. The Institutions lays greater emphasis on right behavior of the students to groom them as responsible citizens, reflecting the core values of rich Indian traditions. The pace of globalization has significantly accelerated in the past years due to two major and seemingly unrelated factors: invention of microchip technology creation a world-wide-web. Technical Education is evolving rapidly to keep pace with the changing requirements of 21st century. Globalization, technological advancement and paradigm shifts necessitate this metamorphosis. Technical education therefore needs to produce a different breed of technocrat, who can constantly innovate & identity opportunities to achieve goals. Here, at Vishwa Bharti Sansthan, We believe in imparting quality education in a innovative way. Professional education is incomplete without ethics and value based teaching. In SGI, teaching is focused towards making the student learn to face the challenges of solving real life problem successfully and also make them an effective human resource to satisfy the changing industry needs. We imbibe them with physical soundness, mental agility and intellectual vigor to compete in the highly diversified competitive world.

They are also anxious about the safety of their young girls. To meet with this urgent need of the area, we dared to establish a girls’ college in the name of neighboring goddess Mansa and the result of our endeavors and the co-operation of the people is before you in the form of a well- furnished P.G. college Shree Mansa Kanya P.G. College , Udaipurwati.

This college, situated in a peaceful lush-green area at the foot of the Arawalis with a three storeyed newly constructed building, is committed to the all- round development of the girls of this area. Quality education is imparted to the students by highly qualified, well-experienced lecturers with the organization of different Co-curricular activities. Our students have been earning fame in many state and national activities. We are determined and dedicated to improve the quality of higher education in the contrary. I advance my cordial thanks to the guardians for their co-operation and invite their valuable suggestions for the betterment and further progress of the institution.


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